Sauna world

During the Middle Ages, the Amethyst, one of the most alluring precious stones, was weighed along with gold due to its rarity. Its violet light helps us awaken hidden talents and uncover long-forgotten paths.

With its intense vibrations, it lulls us into a deep and peaceful sleep, clarifies our dreams and chases away our fears, anger, or homesickness. The amethyst can help relieve skin blemishes, eczema, headaches, cramps and various habits.

The Amethyst Bath is especially wonderful for cleansing the skin.

The combination of
Mild, radiating heat from the benches and walls,
The natural aromas for steam inhalation,
And the healing and nourishing characteristics of the amethysts
leads to a unique bathing experience!

The serail bath is a very pleasant sauna variation with a relatively high humidity. Smooth healing mud over your body to open and purify your pores. Your skin will feel extra smooth and look radiant. (Extra charge added for this steam bath).

Breathe deeply! The brine inhalation grotto is a steam bath using hot brine. The salt water is pleasant and healthy for the respiratory sytem, it enhances circulation and purifies the body. . (Extra charge added for this steam bath)

This "log cabin" sauna is especially gentle to your circulatory system because of its temperature. You can enjoy the scents of rose, camomile, sage and lavender and the soothing effects of the coloured lights.

Farben haben einen erheblichen Einfluss auf das Nervensystem. Je nach Farbe werden verschiedene Funktionen der Organe angeregt oder gedämpft.

Colours have significant impact on the nervous system, and depending on the colours, various internal organs are stimulated or soothed. A specific outcome can be correlated with each colour: red stimulates the skin and glands, yellow stimulates the nervous system and improves metabolism, blue and green are relaxing and help lower blood pressure.

The coloured light sauna is especially recommended for those with high blood pressur – and for all who want to really pamper their bodies.

Blow off some steam! Open the door to our blossom steam bath and you’ll be enveloped by a steamy cloud with sweet orange and citrus scents.

The pleasant temperature is achieved by mild, radiating heat.

For a perfect experience, enjoy 10 to 15 minutes in this steam room and then cool down in the Relaxation Garden or with a shower before you unwind in our Relaxation Room.

Special stones are heated and inserted into a water kettle, and the mineral contents of the stones are set free and float through the air on the steam.

Simply by breathing, you absorb the valuable minerals…

Try something new!

This regenerating bath was loved by the ancient Romans…

In our Tepidarium Sauna, you’ll be delighted with the refreshing scent of oranges and a temperature of about 39°C while you relax on ceramic lounges.

The artificial “fever” relieves and strengthens the immune system and fights bacteria  and germs – and it’s great for your psyche!

There is no time restriction for this temperature.

Dive into the thousand year old bathing experience enjoyed by the sultans.

After about 20 minutes of delightful sweating, you can cool off with a wonderful splash of water. You’re certain to feel like new!

A herbal bath is the perfect place for skin and hair care – also ideal for the respiratory system and for purification. The Romans recognised the power of high humidity and mild radiating heat and used it in their Caldarien

The herbal baths are a unique health and bathing experience! Through the addition of pleasing scents and herbal essences, your physical and emotional comfort is enhanced.

The Roman sauna, cleansing and purification bath. Roman patricians enjoyed the amazing purifying and detoxifying effects of this sauna, which uses only radiating heat.

Because of the slow warming of your body, the purification process is very harmonious. Then you can hose off and cool your feet, arms and face with a body “Aufguss” with the Kneipp hose – make sure that the water stream goes from the outer extremities towards the heart.

You are sure to feel a wonderful prickling sensation! Repeat this twice for best effects. The Laconium is especially pleasant for those that find the classical Finnish sauna too warm. Make sure you have about an hour of time to really enjoy the Laconium.

The crowning event of your time in the Cervosa sauna area - with an herbal infusion. After a trip to this sauna, treat yourself to a time out to cool off with our various showers, pools or our ice grotto – just the thing to get your circulatory system back on track.

After a short break, feel free to repeat the sauna experience.