Is particularly important to us.

Our contribution against climate change

It was 22 years ago, in 200, that we set ourselves the goal of leading our Cervosa step by step into a sustainable future. As you can imagine, a 5* wellness hotel like our Cervosa requires a considerable amount of energy, both in summer and winter.

Both you, as our guest, and the environment and nature, as a resource for all of us, should benefit from our investments in a sustainable Cervosa. A lot has happened in the last 22 years. Great progress has been made both in our house and in the technological field, and thanks to continuous efforts and improvements, we can be proud of the results so far.

What we do & have done

Year 2000

First solar installation with 40m2. Ongoing façade insulation, window replacement and other energy measures.

Year 2008

Expansion of the solar system with 80m2 on the middle building of the hotel which is used for our indoor pool (endless buffer) as well as the hot water preparation.

Year 2012

Construction of SPA building and equipment with LED lamps.

Year 2013

Replacement of all light sources with energy-saving LED technology throughout the hotel.

Years 2014 - 2016

Continuous modernisation of machinery, mechanical equipment such as ventilation, heating, cooling, etc.

Year 2016

Conversion of heating system from extra light fuel oil to natural gas.

Year 2021

Replacement of all heating controls with digital controllers for more efficient temperature management

Year 2022

New construction of the complete kitchen and its equipment with the most modern and efficient appliances of the latest generation. Energy optimisation in the form of heat recovery and intelligent power supply with the latest power distribution system.

Already planned projects

Installation of outlets for a new photovoltaic plant of 1000 m2.

Use of natural gas, to which at least 40% hydrogen is added to make the gas even more sustainable.

And what's more

Hotel linen and towelling are washed, ironed and cared for directly in the house without long transport routes. Thanks to the Tyrolean mountain water used for this and the treatment with a Grander system (the water is turned from its natural left-hand rotation to the right and thus energetically activated), our water is almost PH neutral at 7.2. This helps us to save on detergents and cleaning agents and thus has a direct effect on the environment.

Thanks to our special water quality, our pool landscape also benefits from an economical use of chemicals.

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Dear guests,

As you can see, we have already implemented a large number of projects in the past and will continue to spare no expense and effort to run our Cervosa as sustainably as possible. Our environment will thank us for it.

Your host family

Gertrude & Hugo Westreicher with children