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Wine & Culture

at Hotel Cervosa

A symphony for the palate

Every wine is characterised by the soil in which the grapes grew, by the climate in which the grapes matured and by the production methods applied to produce it. We would like to invite you to explore the symphony of each grape at the Cervosa – to experience the full-bodied flavour and learn more about the particular aspects of each cultivation region and vineyard.

Our wine cellar is home to 140 wines from all over the world. We would love to let you sample all of them but we want to do justice to the wines. And so each wine-tasting session will focus on the produce of just one wine-grower.

In September and October, some renowned Austrian wine-growing establishments will be explaining what makes their wines so special as well as offering a chance to sample the wines. The flavours of various cheeses form part of this liquid symphony and the cheeses will be selected by a cheese sommelier.

Wine list
Enjoy Quality Wines from Around the World During Your Holidays

Edle Tropfen aus besten Lagen der Welt

A great meal can be made perfect with the correct wine – at Hotel Cervosa, we have the perfect combination with a wine cellar full of carefully and lovingly selected wines and our true wine connoisseur to help you select the right wine for your gourmet meal. Austria, Italy, France, Spain, California, South Africa, or do you prefer Chile? Our wine list is as international and multifaceted as our guests. We have over 140 different wines – “Grünen Veltliner” from Austria, “Chardonnay” from France, or local “Zweigelt” or exotic Australian “Shiraz”.

Weinkarte vom Hotel Cervosa

With so many wines to choose from, you need competent advice. Our mâitre d’ and qualified wine sommelier is happy to share his wealth of knowledge about wine. We hope you enjoy your meal!