HUGO’S Wine Cellar
& Vinum Cervosa

Our new wine cellar HUGO’S Weinkeller & Vinum Cervosa stores over 350 carefully selected, exquisite wines from leading winemakers around the world. Our range includes not only fine local wines. Our well-stocked wine cellar is also distinguished above all by its international flair and houses renowned bottles, varieties and vintages. From white, red and rosé wines to sparkling and sweet wines – a wealth of aroma and taste awaits wine lovers and connoisseurs at HUGO’S Weinkeller & Vinum Cervosa.

Whether as an accompaniment to delicious culinary delights or as a glass of pure indulgence, at Cervosa you can look forward to the most exquisite wines, holiday after holiday. For you, we are always working to expand our range in terms of quality.


Discover the current wine list

Life is too short to drink bad wine.

Let our sommeliers advise you and enjoy exquisite wines day after day.


The right wine accompaniment for your gourmet experience

Many dishes really come into their own with the right wine accompaniment. Almost every dish can be elevated to a higher level of taste by a good, aroma-enhancing glass of wine.

Our sommeliers support you with their expertise in selecting the best wines and ensure that wine and culinary delights go hand in hand.