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Day: 12°
Night: 4°

Aujourd'hui, 02.09.2014

A weak high-altitude low-pressure-system will rapidly move southward on Wednesday. An easterly to south-easterly high-altitude current will bring dryer and warmer air masses to the Alps. Heavy clouds and occasional rain showers are still forecast, though the sun will break through in the course of the day. Dryer and warmer air masses will determine the weather on Thursday. Longer sunny spells are forecast, though local showers may fall later in the course of the day. The slightly changeable weather will continue on through Friday and through the weekend. A low-pressure area over Italy will continue to determine the weather over our regions. However, its influence will be rather low and the sun will occasionally break through.
Day: 17°
Night: 5°
Day: 19°
Night: 7°
Day: 18°
Night: 7°


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