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Amethyst Steam Bath

During the Middle Ages, the Amethyst, one of the most alluring precious stones, was weighed along with gold due to its rarity. Its violet light helps us awaken hidden talents and uncover long-forgotten paths.

With its intense vibrations, it lulls us into a deep and peaceful sleep, clarifies our dreams and chases away our fears, anger, or homesickness. The amethyst can help relieve skin blemishes, eczema, headaches, cramps and various habits.

The Amethyst Bath is especially wonderful for cleansing the skin.

The combination of
  • Mild, radiating heat from the benches and walls,
  • The natural aromas for steam inhalation,
  • And the healing and nourishing characteristics of the amethysts
leads to a unique bathing experience!

Hotel Cervosa

Herrenanger 11, 6534 Serfaus - Tyrol - Austria
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