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“Altholz” Organic Block Sauna with Coloured Light Therapy


Temperature: 55°C
Scents: rose, camomile, lavender, sage

The perfect temperature of 55°C for perfect relaxation.

This "log cabin" sauna is especially gentle to your circulatory system because of its temperature. You can enjoy the scents of rose, camomile, sage and lavender and the soothing effects of the coloured lights.

Colours have significant impact on the nervous system, and depending on the colours, various internal organs are stimulated or soothed.

A specific outcome can be correlated with each colour: red stimulates the skin and glands, yellow stimulates the nervous system and improves metabolism, blue and green are relaxing and help lower blood pressure.

The coloured light sauna is especially recommended for those with high blood pressure – and for all who want to really pamper their bodies.

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