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Day: 8°
Night: 4°

Today, 26.11.2014

The general weather situation over Europe seems to continue on, consequently a significant change in weather is not forecast. The temperatures will remain too mild for the season. Colder air masses, located over East Europe, may reach us, but no before next week. Throughout this week, a low-pressure area, located over South-West Europe, will continue to bring mild sub-tropical air masses, approaching from Africa, to our regions. This inflow of air masses will be humid in higher altitudes, subsequently large and thick patches of clouds will temporarily result in precipitation. A strong southerly foehn wind will temporarily blow at the mountains.
Day: 8°
Night: 2°
Day: 8°
Night: 2°
Day: 8°
Night: 4°


Mountain Cam Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

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Hotel Cervosa

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