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Day: 8°
Night: 4°

Today, 29.11.2014

A low-pressure area, located over Spain, will move to Italy until Sunday and spread across the Alps, though it will only slightly interfere with the weather. On Sunday, the amounts of clouds will increase and on Monday, even slight precipitation is forecast. At the same time, the temperatures will slightly cool down, though less intensively as recently forecast. The low-pressure area, located over Italy, will remain near our regions, and the weather current will remain directed southward. The weather conditions will hardly change, from Tuesday on, however, late-autumnal weather accompanied with clouds and patches of fog is forecast.
Day: 8°
Night: 2°
Day: 6°
Night: 3°
Day: 4°
Night: 1°


Mountain Cam Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

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