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Day: 5°
Night: -2°

Today, 18.04.2014

Due to a cold front, which will cross our regions on Friday night, a separate low-pressure area located in the west of our regions will cut itself off. A south-westerly inflow will determine the weather in our regions. Flairs of a southerly foehn wind will result in improved conditions. A mix of sunshine and clouds will bring dry conditions and rising temperatures throughout the upcoming days. Starting next week, the air masses will become significantly more humid, the layers of air masses will become more unstable. Heavy clouds are forecast, the sun will be a rare guest. The risk for showers will be high, the snow line will be located barely above a level of 2000 meters.
Day: 7°
Night: -1°
Day: 10°
Night: 0°
Day: 10°
Night: 2°


Mountain Cam Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

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