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Information About “The Cervosa”

The name Cervosa comes from the Rhaeto-Romance languages and literally means the “region full of forests and wild game” (from Latin “cervo” for deer). Over the centuries the syllables changed from “Cervosa” to “Serfaus”.

About the time of Jesus’ birth, the town of Serfaus was discovered and settled by the Romans, and they immediately appreciated the mild climate. The current church steeple was then a Roman watchtower.

The Hotel Cervosa was founded in 1959 by Hugo and Adele Westreicher as a 100-bed hotel with every comfort imaginable. During the following years, the family worked hard to constantly enhance the hotel to improve the levels of comfort and the infrastructure and services. Hugo and Gertrude Westreicher married in 1993 and guide the hotel in the second generation.

As your hosts, we give your comfort the highest priority. We think this special attention is what makes our guests come back year after year, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our many patrons for their loyalty to the Cervosa and to the family. We’ll always be there for you.

Yours, Hugo & Gertrude Westreicher, our Family and Team

1959  Hotel built with 100 beds
1972  Expansion of the hotel with indoor pool and dance bar
1976  Addition on top of the indoor pool with 30 beds
1988  Sport Centre with bowling and squash hall
1989  Completion of the garages and seminar centre
1992  Construction of the first tower, reception area and kitchen expansion
          Purchase of the Lazid Alm – now known as the Cervosa Alm
1995  Connection built between the main house and the building over the indoor pool, and additional rooms added to the northern side
1997  Phase 1 of the Wellness & Sauna Area
1999  Addition of the Orangerie and hotel entrance, continued room renovations
2000  Hotel lobby renovation and continued room renovations
          Phase 2 of the Wellness & Sauna Area
          Construction of the new Cervosa Garni
2001  Phase 3 of the Wellness & Sauna Area
2002  Addition of the left tower with indoor pool and terrace additions
2003  Addition of the Baroque Parlour, redesign of the Maria’s Parlour and Fireplace Parlour, as well as continued room renovations
          Phase 4 of the Wellness & Sauna Area
2004  Addition to the Cervosa Garni with garages, personnel and private living areas, as well as holiday apartments
2004  Autumn – Connection of the Cervosa main house with the Cervosa Garni
          Our Alm was renamed CERVOSA and renovated inside and outside
2005  Phase 5: 400m² Expansion of our Wellness Area with a new sauna, steam bath, whirlpool and relaxation room with water beds. Addition of a social level with Vitamin Bar and an internal connection to the hair salon and a room for pedicures and manicures
Autumn 2006: Addition of a new parlour in our restaurant, renovation of the reception area, new circle in the Wellness Area, room renovations
Spring 2007: Completion of the new outdoor Relaxation Whirlpool on the Sun Terrace
Spring 2008: Completion of the new Fitness Centre on the 4th floor with a panorama view of the Serfaus mountains

Hotel Cervosa

Herrenanger 11, 6534 Serfaus - Tyrol - Austria
++43 /5476 /6211
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