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Our team at the Restaurant and the cuisine

Get to know the team of the restaurant and the cuisine before your journey. Our Sommeliers can answer your questions about wine.

Sommelier Stefan Bichler's philosophy

Wine is a symbiosis of the four elements. Only the interaction of all of these elements and the work done by the winemakers make it possible to turn these elements into wine. It is the passion and commitment of the winemaker that creates a wine of the highest quality. Which is why the characters of its companion (the winemaker), the ground, the vine and the climate are important characteristics of a fine wine.

One of my greatest pleasures is the job of trying something new , in order to retain and foster the wine culture of our hotel.

We do this not only in the form of a winelist, but also in our personal passion and emotion. Which is why we are always there for our guests with advice, suggestions and recommendations.

Stefan Bichler

Ceritified sommelier




"My cuisine is down to earth and refined with particular sophistication. Fresh and regional products of the highest quality build the foundation for the preparation of delicious meals. For me, every day is a challenge to design new creations for dishes that are balanced and tasty. I look for inspiration in nature."

Mario Strebinger, chef at Cervosa